3 Reasons You Should Get Your Jewelry Appraised


You appreciate your jewelry for its beauty and sentimental value, but it's also good to be aware of its monetary value. Jewelry appraisal can help you do just that. Jewelry appraisal is affordable, and it's always worth the peace of mind of knowing how much your jewelry is worth. Here are three reasons you should have your jewelry appraised by professional jewelry appraisal services. 1. You're purchasing insurance. Before insuring your jewelry, insurance companies will insist on having it professionally appraised.

20 November 2018

Far Out Or Just Plain Dope? Retro Jewelry Looks That Are Back On Trend


When shopping at pawn shops, you can find incredible vintage finds—but if the 1920s are a little too ancient jewelry history for 2018, how can you hope to find pieces at pawn shops that will still work with a modern outfit? Wonder no more, because there are retro pieces—looks from the '60s through the end of the century—that are old enough to come back into style again but trendy enough to keep you looking chic and modern.

27 July 2018