Finding Great Jewelry

When I started thinking more seriously about heading into the professional realm, I realized that I needed to update my jewelry. I had been wearing fun costume jewelry for years, but it wasn't resonating with the people that I worked with or my clients. It was really frustrating, so I decided to head shopping to update my collection. It was amazing to see how big of a difference a nice new necklace and some conservative earrings made. This website is all about finding great jewelry that fits within your budget and your wardrobe. Check out this blog for more information.

Jewelry Pendants Define Your Individual Style


A unique and beautiful jewelry pendant can add elegance and sparkle to whatever you wear. It can complement your clothing and help to define your individual style. Fine jewelry pendants come in an unlimited number of designs, styles, and sizes, and can be made of precious metals such as platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and sterling silver, with or without gemstones. When you are considering the purchase of a jewelry pendant, look for one that you can wear every day and also on special occasions. Here are some things to think about when you purchase a pendant:  

Pendant Size:  Size is a very important feature of a pendant. A pendant can be flashy or subtle depending on its size, color, and design:

  • Large Pendant:  A large statement pendant can become a focal point of what you are wearing. A large pendant should be worn on a simple chain with clothing that has a simple neckline. 
  • Small Pendant:  A small pendant can be worn to add a bit of sparkle to your neckline and match a pair of small earrings. A small pendant should be worn on a delicate chain so they do not compete with each other for attention. 

Fine Jewelry Chains:  Fine jewelry chains are available in platinum, yellow gold, white gold, red gold, and sterling silver. When you wear a fine jewelry pendant, you can choose a chain of the same metal as the pendant for a unified look. You can also wear a pendant on a chain of a different metal to contrast and highlight the pendant's design. 

Chain Length:  When you wear a pendant, you should determine the best chain length to suspend your pendant for the clothing that you are wearing. Standard jewelry chains are available in 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch lengths. You can also find jewelry chains in 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch lengths. For variety, wear a pendant on an adjustable chain that you can lengthen or shorten as desired. 

Engraving:  Precious metal pendants can be engraved by a jeweler with a design or with your initials for texture and interest. If you want a pendant engraved with your initials, you can choose from many simple or ornate engraving fonts. Chose a font that reflects your individual personality and design sense so that you can wear it often. 

Other Jewelry:  You can wear a jewelry pendant with earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces as long as they harmonize with each other. Different pendant gemstones can be paired together and look good when opaque and transparent gemstones are worn together. 

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18 July 2017