3 Questions to Ask Your Loved One to Determine the Perfect Engagement Ring


You're getting ready to pop the question and just need to know exactly which engagement ring will seal the deal. Here are three questions to ask before picking out the perfect ring. (Bonus points if you can figure out the answer without actually asking - subtlety keeps the best secrets.) 1. What Do You Think of So-and-So's Ring? This question works well if you both know someone who has recently gotten engaged or married.

22 April 2020

A Guide To Looking After Your Favorite Gold Jewelry Pieces


If you are trying to get what is best for your gold jewelry, there are several different types of maintenance that can go into it. When you want to manage your jewelry the best that you can, it means keeping it clean, making sure that you handle the clasps and other parts, and doing business with a shop that is great at what they do. You can follow the points below so that you are able to keep your jewelry looking as beautiful as possible.

29 January 2020