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Making Rings: Go Adjustable, Or Standard Ring Sizes?


When making and selling jewelry is more than just a hobby for you, you have a lot of important design decisions to make. One of those decisions relates to handmade rings. Do you opt to make the rings adjustable, or do you make them standard ring sizes? Here are some arguments and suggestions for both options.

Adjustable Rings

If you decide to make your rings adjustable, then many of the rings you create are a "one size fits most" product. This means that many of your customers can wear the rings and do not have to worry about the sizing issues of non-adjustable rings. You may sell more rings because of this very feature.

As for adjustable ring options, you could choose stretchy, elastic threads on which to thread beads. The stretchy elastic threads can be tied and knotted inside the rings after each bead is threaded onto the strings. These threads will allow the bands of the rings to stretch up to two ring sizes larger than the ring size your customers would normally wear.

There are also adjustable metal bands. These bands are not fully closed, and can bend outward to accommodate the size of the wearer's finger. The nice thing about this option is that you do not have to thread anything to the bands; you can glue and set any manner of stones or decorative bits right onto the top of the band.

Standard Ring Sizes

Jewelry crafters opt for standard ring sizes when they want to make more formal and elegant jewelry pieces. While it limits the number of customers you can sell these rings to, it does give your jewelry a more refined and professional appearance. In addition to the ring bands, you will need to purchase a welding set and sets of mounts for any gems you place inside.

Gold bands made of pure gold can be purchased, but they will cost the most from a craft supply store. Silver is easier to get, and makes nice rings too. You can cut costs by buying second-hand or vintage ring bands at a discount or thrift shop and then restyling the bands to make more unique jewelry pieces. (This may help a little with sales, too!) Regardless of the metal type, all of them are sold with tags that tell what size the ring bands are, which makes it easier to tell what sizes you have available and available for sale.

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19 July 2017