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Wearing Mala Necklaces For Mystical And Fashionable Purposes


A mala is supposed to be held very gently and with respect. The necklace is used for the reciting of a mantra. Each bead should be counted, starting with the "guru" bead, which is the largest bead on the mala necklace. After the mala has been recited, it is then necessary to flip the necklace over and to count each bead in reverse. If you intend to wear a mala as a necklace, whether for decorative purposes in order to appear boho-chic or to assist you in the recitation of mantras, you will need to know how to wear one. While special malas with 9, 22 or 27 beads are meant to be worn as bracelets, full-sized mala beads with 108 beads are meant to be worn as necklaces. 

Understand The Role Of The Necklace

There are some malas that are meant to be multi-purpose. There are other malas that are designed for a specific purpose. They may be designed to overcome, to tame, to appease or to increase. Consider which of these you would like to accomplish when selecting a mala. You can also choose to wear multiple mala necklaces in order to channel all of the energies they provide. 

Fashion Options

Wearing a mala with another necklace is recommended because it will give you a layered look. This will create a more interesting focal point. If you would like to change the look of your mala necklace, double it by folding the necklace and holding it together with a safety pin. This will cause the necklace to hang higher up on your heck rather than hanging farther down near your torso. 

Important Rules To Follow

Make sure to follow certain rules when wearing mala beads in order to avoid being offensive. First, make sure that your beads never touch the ground. It is believed that they will lose their energies if they do so. Secondly, try to avoid touching the beads and always clean them shortly after you touch them. Otherwise, how you use your mala beads are according to your personal preferences and the look you are trying to achieve. Your mindset has the greatest impact on how the beads work for you.

The great thing about the mala necklace is that you will regularly be reminded to live in the present whenever you see it. Even if you are not practicing Buddhism, the necklace can help give you a more positive outlook on life. For more information, contact companies like Lovepray Jewelry.


10 August 2017