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3 Reasons You Want A Mechanical Watch


The quality and design of a man's timepiece can say a lot about his personal sense of style. A wristwatch is one of the most important accessories that a man can own. Not only will you be able to use the watch to tell time, you can also convey your status and charm through the design of your watch as well.

Watch movements fall under two primary categories: mechanical and quartz. You need to invest in a mechanical watch if you want to connect with the history and character of traditional watchmaking.

1. Readily-Available Power Source

Mechanical watches do not rely on batteries to help them function properly. Instead, a mechanical watch is fitted with a spring that is wound tightly. As the spring unwinds, the second hand on the watch moves smoothly across the face of the timepiece. The longer the spring, the more power it can store.

Once the spring has released most of its energy, you simply spin a small button on the side of your watch to wind the spring once again. No more trips to the jeweler for battery replacements or losing track of time due to a dead battery in your watch.

2. Smooth Movement

Because mechanical watches are powered differently than quartz watches, the movement of the second hand differs between the two watch styles. A quartz watch has a second hand that moves in a distinct ticking motion. The second hand on a mechanical watch moves in a smooth, sweeping motion.

This smooth movement essentially eliminates any residual sounds that might be produced by your watch as it ticks off each second in the day. Many people prefer the quieter movement and smooth motion of a mechanical watch.

3. Ample Character

There is a reason why mechanical watches tend to be a little more expensive than their quartz counterparts.

A watchmaker must painstakingly create each of the gears and moving mechanisms that allow the mechanical movement to function properly. Quartz movements can be mass produced, making them more affordable but compromising the amount of character that they possess.

If you are a man who appreciates fine craftsmanship and quality handiwork, then you must add a mechanical watch to your collection. Others might not be able to see the internal workings of your watch while it is on your wrist, but you will know that the timepiece watch was painstakingly created by a master craftsman.


22 May 2019