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When I started thinking more seriously about heading into the professional realm, I realized that I needed to update my jewelry. I had been wearing fun costume jewelry for years, but it wasn't resonating with the people that I worked with or my clients. It was really frustrating, so I decided to head shopping to update my collection. It was amazing to see how big of a difference a nice new necklace and some conservative earrings made. This website is all about finding great jewelry that fits within your budget and your wardrobe. Check out this blog for more information.

Want To Purchase A New Necklace? Choose A Bohemian Layering Necklace


 If you love to wear necklaces and want to purchase a new one, one type of necklace you can choose is a bohemian layered pendant necklace. This type of necklace is known as the boho style and there are different types to choose from. Below are some types you will find on the market and the types of outfits each type of necklace goes well with.

Fringe Boho Layered Necklace

One type of boho necklace you will find is fringe layered. This type of necklace gives you a whimsical look. This type of necklace falls so that it is at the edge of other necklaces you may be wearing or at the edge of your clothing.  Fringe boho necklaces are used as a decorative piece of your clothing. These necklaces often come with accessories that allow you to lengthen the necklace as needed. 

You will find fringe boho necklaces in a variety of styles from having large pendants that are very noticeable or smaller pendants to make the necklace less noticeable. This necklace is often made of leather or suede. The jewelry that hangs from the necklace is made of gold or silver strips. 

Shell Choker

If you are the type of person that loves the beach a shell choker would be the perfect type of boho style necklace for you. This is a common type of boho necklace that you will often see people wearing. The shell choker has a variety of pendants attached to the shells. 

If you are not able to find the shell chokers that you want, you can make this type of boho layered necklace yourself. This way you can choose the type of shells that you like best. You can find many DIY videos online that allow you to do this. 

Delicate Layered Boho Necklace

If you like the romantic style you can choose a boho necklace that is delicately layered, unlike the fringe style that makes a bold statement. This necklace looks great with white or pastel-colored clothing.  When it comes to the delicate style of boho layered necklaces you have many options to choose from. You can choose a variety of pendants or use symbolic charms. 

Along with a delicate layered boho necklace add many rings and bracelets to your style. You will often see the delicate style as a thick chain that hangs down low. Much more delicate necklaces that are much shorter are attached to the thick chain. 

You can find many retailers sell bohemian style layered necklaces and there are many websites that sell these necklaces. 


11 November 2019