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3 Questions to Ask Your Loved One to Determine the Perfect Engagement Ring


You're getting ready to pop the question and just need to know exactly which engagement ring will seal the deal. Here are three questions to ask before picking out the perfect ring. (Bonus points if you can figure out the answer without actually asking - subtlety keeps the best secrets.)

1. What Do You Think of So-and-So's Ring?

This question works well if you both know someone who has recently gotten engaged or married. Find out what your partner thinks of their ring and the more details, the better. Do they think it's too flashy, too small, not unique enough, or just perfect? 

If you don't know someone with a new ring to compare, ask your partner about other jewelry you two see together. It could be your cousin's necklace, a barista's ring, or a pendant from a movie or show you watch together. Remember what your partner appreciates and dislikes so you know which styles to emulate and which to avoid when you're ring shopping yourself. 

2. What Is Your Favorite Jewelry Piece?

Your partner isn't wearing an engagement ring yet, but they might have a favorite necklace, bracelet, or another ring they wear regularly. If you haven't already, ask about it. What makes that piece their favorite? Is it something they like to wear all the time or only bring out for special occasions?

Bear in mind that many people wear jewelry more for the meaning behind it than the style itself. You may have to do some digging to understand whether their favorite piece is a good style to look for in an engagement ring or if they like it for reasons other than appearance. 

If they do have a jewelry piece (or several) that they wear often, it may also be a good idea to try to match the metal or gemstones of that piece in an engagement ring. This way they will be able to wear both without a fashion clash and can show off their most meaningful jewelry together. 

3. What Is Your Dream Ring?

Yes, this question is a bit obvious so you may have to tailor it if you're trying to keep the fact that you're looking at engagement rings a surprise. Other forms of the same question could be to ask what is the most beautiful ring they ever saw, their favorite ring from a movie, show, or book, or what ring would match the theme of their dream wedding. 

Dreams may be outlandish or a bit out of reach, but they're a great place to start as far as getting an idea of your partner's ideal engagement ring. If you want to know for sure which they would like best, you'll have to go engagement ring shopping together. But asking a few preliminary questions can steer you in the right direction for picking a ring they'll cherish forever. 


22 April 2020