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Answers To Your Questions About Diamond Appraisals


Are you thinking about having a diamond appraised? Here are some answers to some of the questions you may have about doing so:

How Does the Process Work?

The diamond appraisal process starts with an initial consultation. During the consultation, your appraiser will likely ask a series of questions that gives them insight into what your goals are. Do you plan to sell the diamond, or are you getting it appraised so that you can properly insure it? An appraiser typically uses different tactics to appraise a piece depending on what it is being appraised for.

For instance, an appraisal for insurance may be based more on weight when an appraisal for resale might be based more on diamond quality. Your appraiser will also explain the steps they will take to appraise your diamond and give you an explanation of what to expect in terms of a timeline and official certification.

What Information is Provided?

Your can expect your appraiser to provide you with a report about your diamond after it has been appraised. The information in the report you receive should give you a clear idea of what type of diamond you are in possession of. Here are some of the pieces of information you can expect your report to include:

  • The diamond's clarity
  • The diamond's weight
  • The diamond's material component makeup

This information can help you determine how much insurance to get, or how much to sell the diamond for, so that you do not end up losing money in the long run.

How are Appraisals Beneficial?

Having your diamond appraised is beneficial in many ways. First and foremost, it will help ensure that you do not over or under insure the ring. Over insuring it can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that you could not recoup if the diamond were lost or stolen. Under insuring your diamond could result in losing lots of money on the diamond by the time you get your insurance payout.

Another benefit of having your diamond appraised is that you can use the appraisal as proof of the diamond's worth when trying to sell it. Potential buyers will not have to take your word for it and will not have to pay for an appraisal themselves unless they want a second opinion. Increasing your peace of mind in knowing what kind of worth the diamond you possess is yet another benefit to look forward to.


24 February 2021