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Buying Texas Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry: What To Look For


When buying sterling silver jewelry, you're looking for more than that .925 stamp verifying the authenticity of the silver; you're looking at comfort, beauty, and more. Texas handcrafted sterling silver jewelry is a great investment, and when you know what you're truly looking for in quality, you can feel more confident in the investment you make.

Whether you are in the market to add to your sterling silver collection or you just want to buy some pretty Texas handcrafted silver jewelry for a friend or loved one, use this guide to assist you. You'll learn much of what you need to make the most of your investment here.

Styling abilities

Texas handcrafted sterling silver jewelry can be very bold in design, featuring large stones like turquoise in much of the pieces. If you like to layer your jewelry items or you want to have a single statement piece that can be easily styled, then make sure you buy Texas handcrafted sterling silver jewelry pieces that will allow you to meet your needs best. This means sticking to more streamlined pieces that can be versatile when pairing with existing pieces or buying whole sets of Texas handcrafted silver jewelry so you can wear all your pieces at once easily.

Price and quality

Sterling silver jewelry is an affordable type of jewelry, but if you find any Texas handcrafted sterling silver jewelry that is cheaper than the plated or costume jewelry pieces you see by comparison, you may wonder why. Nickel-plated jewelry, or jewelry that is only a small percentage silver and not stamped with the .925 mark may be priced cheaper than true sterling silver pieces.

Texas handcrafted sterling silver jewelry should be priced according to the collector value of the pieces, any branding the jewelry has, and other factors. If you cannot find the .925 sterling silver mark or other identifying factors on the sterling silver pieces you're considering, ask a jeweler to help you identify pieces for your own comfort and benefit.

Most precious metal identifiers on jewelry are placed in small, less noticeable areas, like the clasp or behind an earring back. These items should also be somehow linked to Texas if they are considered to be Texas handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, so you may want to buy pieces that have the shape of Texas on them, have some type of inscription native to the state, or are otherwise showing signs of honoring the state in particular. Your jeweler will help you find and buy the best Texas handcrafted sterling silver jewelry pieces for your needs and accessory preferences.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries Texas handcrafted sterling silver jewelry.


27 May 2021