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Decisions To Make When You Order A Custom Name Pendant


A popular type of custom jewelry is a name pendant, which you can order in many different metals and hang from a favorite chain around your neck. People take different approaches when they order this piece of jewelry. Some people favor a pendant that displays their own name, while others wish to wear the name of a child or significant other. If you have an idea about how you want to proceed, your next step will be to contact a custom jeweler. Here are some decisions to discuss and finalize.

Text Style

You'll need to give some thought to what style of text your name pendant will use. There are many different options that can look stylish. For example, you might favor something in a cursive text, while block letters are another design that can be appealing. Once you have a rough idea of what text style you want, your custom jeweler can show you a number of different text samples to help you narrow down your choice. They can also give you some professional suggestions on what can look good. For example, cursive often works well with a small, delicate-looking pendant, while block text can offer a bold look that suits a larger pendant.

Decorative Elements

While a lot of people like the simplicity of a custom name pendant that simply displays a name, you have the option of adding one or more decorative elements to your piece. If you can think of any decorative element, there's a good chance that your jeweler will be able to create it. For example, if your name pendant has the letter "I" in it, you might favor a specific shape such as a small heart for the dot over the letter. Similarly, you can use a heart or another recognizable shape in place of a round letter such as an "O." These additions will give your pendant even more of a custom look.


You'll also need to think about the loop on top of the name pendant through which you'll pass your necklace chain. A few things to consider are what size of loop you want and how many loops will look best above the name. One loop will often be sufficient on a short name, but a name that is on the longer side can look better with a loop at each end. Visit your custom jewelry shop to discuss your custom name pendant.


6 January 2022