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Born With A Silver Spoon (Or Necklace): Three Pieces Of Jewelry To Buy A New Baby


If your friends or family members have given birth, it is customary in many cultures to purchase something for the parents or the baby. For family and friends who wish to get a gift for the baby, a surprise that will be appreciated by any custom is a piece of jewelry. Fine jewelry is not only something that the baby can wear, but something that the baby has that is worth money. Baby and parents may be able to save the piece of jewelry as an investment as the child grows up, to provide them with an asset piece.

Here are three pieces of jewelry to consider if you are buying a gift for a new baby.

A simple gold necklace

When you want to go for simple, a necklace is what you buy. A 18K gold necklace is a beautiful gift to present to a child. While a baby may not be able to wear the necklace while young, the necklace may be able to be worn when they are a bit older. For girls and boys looking for a simple jeweled addition to their look, a simple necklace is often a good choice. If you want to add a little bit of character to the chain, you can go with something like a Figaro link chain. Some link chains can also lengthened, so you can purchase the attachments for the necklace to grow with the baby.

A set of silver rings

Sterling silver is a beautiful fine jewelry piece to purchase, even if you have a small budget. A set of three sterling silver rings is a gift that wont tarnish and can be worn an appreciated for many years. Get the three rings in different sizes so that the child can size up as they grow up. The smaller rings can be saved and given to the new baby of the child that you purchased the rings for, making them an heirloom gift. Sterling silver rings can be made thin, which makes them the perfect piece of delicate jewelry. 

Jeweled anklets

Anklets are a popular piece of jewelry for babies to wear. As babies typically cannot reach anklets nor are they able to work the eye hook system to take off the anklets, parents may have babies wear an ankle bracelet while young. Get an ankle bracelet with a name plate that can feature their name or birthdate as a birth momento.


8 September 2022