A Guide To Looking After Your Favorite Gold Jewelry Pieces


If you are trying to get what is best for your gold jewelry, there are several different types of maintenance that can go into it. When you want to manage your jewelry the best that you can, it means keeping it clean, making sure that you handle the clasps and other parts, and doing business with a shop that is great at what they do. You can follow the points below so that you are able to keep your jewelry looking as beautiful as possible.

29 January 2020

Want To Purchase A New Necklace? Choose A Bohemian Layering Necklace


 If you love to wear necklaces and want to purchase a new one, one type of necklace you can choose is a bohemian layered pendant necklace. This type of necklace is known as the boho style and there are different types to choose from. Below are some types you will find on the market and the types of outfits each type of necklace goes well with. Fringe Boho Layered Necklace One type of boho necklace you will find is fringe layered.

11 November 2019

3 Tips For Investing In Your First Designer Watch


In a world of fast fashion and disposable consumer items, quality designer pieces have gained in value. One of the pieces you should consider purchasing if you want to add a designer piece to your wardrobe is a watch. Designer watches tend to retain their value and remain stylish no matter what is trending in the fashion world. Designers put out many watches each year, so determining which piece to start your collection with can be a challenge.

25 August 2019

Planning To Give Your Spouse A Ring For Your Wedding Anniversary? Here Are 4 Ways That Anniversary Rings Can Be Worn


A ring makes a great gift for a wedding anniversary, and it's a particularly memorable way of commemorating milestone anniversaries such as the 10th or 25th anniversary. Unlike engagement rings, there are few strict rules surrounding anniversary rings—you can give a ring to your spouse as a gift on any anniversary that you wish, and your spouse is not limited to wearing the ring on the ring finger or his or her left hand.

22 July 2019

3 Reasons You Want A Mechanical Watch


The quality and design of a man's timepiece can say a lot about his personal sense of style. A wristwatch is one of the most important accessories that a man can own. Not only will you be able to use the watch to tell time, you can also convey your status and charm through the design of your watch as well. Watch movements fall under two primary categories: mechanical and quartz.

22 May 2019

Just Got Your Nose Pierced? 3 Nose Accessories To Invest In


If you have your ears pierced then you know just how fun it can be to wear different styles of earrings. Similarly, if you just got your nose pierced, you can have just as much fun accessorizing your new nose piercing, but how? Depending on your personal style and what you do for a living, this article will list three different options that you have. Read on to learn more. 

29 March 2019

3 Great Precautions To Take When Pawn-Shopping For Jewelry


Shopping at pawn shops for jewelry is an exciting experience, given how much you can save and the quality pieces you can find. However, to really make the most out of these pawn-shopping experiences, you'll want to take the following precautions.  Ask For a Certificate of Authenticity on Expensive Items  If you plan on buying rare or expensive jewelry at a pawn shop, then you need to make sure the piece is legitimate.

30 January 2019